What is a sleep disorder? How to diagnose sleep disorder?

Sleep Wake Disorder

How to diagnose sleep disorder?

When our sleep is suffering, it seems like every night is a challenge. It is effortless to fall into negative thoughts or ways of thinking. We all know that when we cannot get a night of good sleep, it quickly becomes the most crucial thing in the world. However, you must have known that the more you focus on rest, the more elusive it becomes.

You must be familiar with the silly image of the consulted person to count the sheep when they cannot fall asleep. But when you are the one who is turning and tossing all night, this disorder is no more a laughing matter. People usually consider buying Ambien online to treat their sleep disorders. It is the most recommended drug to treat mild to severe symptoms of Insomnia.

Insomnia: a renowned sleep disorder

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder that brings difficulty sleeping, waking up during the night, or waking up earlier than desired. One may still feel tired after waking up. Insomnia decreases your energy and work, quality of life, and even your health.

How much you need varies from person to person, but mainly adults need about 7 to 8 hours of proper sleep at night. Adults experience a lack of sleep or mild Insomnia that lasts for several days or weeks at some point in life. It may occur due to traumatic events or excessive stress.

People experience mild Insomnia occasionally or when they have excessive stress, but when it becomes regular, you should consult for medical treatment or professional advice.

Common sleep disorder

Sleeping disorder is a condition that can impair your sleep, prevent getting restful sleep, cause daytime sleepiness, or other symptoms. People experience these sleeping problems from time to time. But you might have a sleeping disorder that may include regular difficulty in sleeping, tiredness during the daytime even after getting a total of seven hours of sleep, or reduced ability to perform daily tasks.

Some American studies state that over 100 million Americans of all ages are not getting sufficient sleep. They are not getting enough sleep land you towards the consequences like low performance in school or work, poor health, and weak relationships.

How can I categorize my Sleep disorder?

Sleep disorder is a term used to describe trouble in sleeping. People may experience difficulty sleeping due to several medical and psychological conditions. You can categorize it into different types.

Sleep Apnea

It is a medical condition in which people may experience intermittent cessation of breathing while sleeping. This brief period of stopped breathing may lead to a decrease in oxygen level in your blood, resulting in the jerk awake.

The difficulty in breathing may be due to the blocked upper airway, commonly known as OSA or Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Several treatments and therapies are available, such as CPAP, to treat this condition.

Restless Legs Syndrome

As you can understand from the name, it is the condition marked by uncontrolled sensations in the legs, such as bugs crawling up on the legs. These sensations usually occur with the movement in the legs. Other factors may result in RLS, the most prominent being anemia or obesity. 


It is a neurological disorder that may affect an individual’s sleep control and wakefulness. In this disorder, people experience excessive sleepiness during the daytime. People suffering from this problem are at a high risk of falling asleep at an inappropriate time, like driving, which may be fatal.

Causes and treatment of Sleep disorder

Insomnia is a primary problem and may get associated with other conditions. Chronic Insomnia may usually occur in various life events, stress, or certain habits that disrupt your sleep. Treating the cause of Insomnia at the right time can resolve the problem. But in some cases, it may last for years. Some common causes of Insomnia may include:

Stress: it may occur due to concern about the school, work, finances, family, or health. These concerns are most active at night that resulting in difficulty in sleeping. Some stressful life events such as illness or death of loved ones, job loss, or divorce are also the primary causes of Insomnia.

Overeating in the evening: People are always advised to take a light meal. But when you overeat, it may result in feeling uncomfortable while lying down. People experience heartburn or backflow of food and acid after eating, which keep them awake at night.

Poor sleep habits: activities like irregular bedtime schedule, uncomfortable sleep environment, watching TV, computers, playing video games, or smartphones may interfere with your sleep cycle.

Mental health disorder: sometimes, your Insomnia gets triggered by mental disorders like anxiety or depression. It can disrupt your sleep and keep you awake. In some cases, mental disorders are the primary cause of Insomnia.


There are both medical and non-medical treatments available to treat Insomnia. Doctors may decide on the appropriate treatment according to the condition and severity of symptoms. You have to try various treatments before finding the appropriate one for your situation.

According to some researches, CBT is considered the most effective non-medical treatment for Chronic Insomnia in adults.

Proper sleep hygiene training may also be advised. In some cases, behavior that interferes with sleep may result in Insomnia. So, sleep hygienic training may help you change some disruptive behaviors.


To get fast recovery from the symptoms of Insomnia, people also take certain medications. Many drugs available can treat your chronic Insomnia, such as diphenhydramine (Benadryl).

Certain prescription drugs are used to treat Insomnia, such as Zolpidem (Ambien) and Eszopiclone (Lunesta).

Usage of Ambien

As a sedative or hypnotic, Ambien is a brand name of Zolpidem that treats insomnia by affecting brain chemicals. Ambien is sometimes addictive and can have fatal side effects. We offer Ambien online without prescription from our online pharmacy. It is a sedative used for treating insomnia.

It helps boost GABA activity, a type of neurotransmitter in the brain. The neurotransmitter serves as a messenger between the neurons. When slowing down the neuron’s activity, these receptors result in Insomnia.

The short-release tablet of Ambien will make you fall asleep immediately when you go to bed. And the Ambien CR (the extended-release form) has two layers, the first layer dissolves instantly to help you sleep, and the second layer dissolves slowly to keep you asleep.

For further information or to buy ambien online, you can contact us anytime you need.

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