Panic attack vs. Anxiety attack: Get to know more about the disorder.

Panic Attack

Understanding the difference between an anxiety attack and a panic attack can feel confusing as so many of their symptoms are similar. But the reality is, they are two different mental conditions. But many factors may help you understand which of these you might be having.

The significant difference between an anxiety attack and a panic attack is that the primary attack usually comes suddenly. An anxiety attack tends to go for a while and often lasts for an extended period than a panic attack.

Both panic attacks and anxiety may feel intense and overwhelming emotions. Most of these terms are used interchangeably but are not precisely the same. Both of these attacks activate your central nervous system and send you into panic mode.

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What is a panic attack?

A panic attack is a sudden and intense feeling of terror, discomfort, or fear followed by other physical or mental symptoms. When you are dealing with a panic attack, you can find difficulty in breathing, increased heartbeat, and excessive sweat,

In some cases, during a panic attack, people also experience chest pain and may feel detached from themselves and reality. They think that they have a heart attack. People also reported experiencing strokes. You can order alprazolam online to treat your panic disorders and panic attacks.

Common Causes of panic attacks

Many factors can trigger your panic attacks. Stress, phobias, social events, or even driving can trigger your panic attack. According to some studies, panic disorder is the primary factor that may result in a panic attack. Certain traumatic events eventually cause the panic disorder.

People experiencing panic attacks have the symptoms of panic disorder. It may feel like they will die at that moment. If you are dealing with the symptoms of panic disorder, talk to a professional to alleviate your mental burden. Consulting a therapist is the best way to process your fear or stress.

Symptoms of panic attacks

  • Excessive fear
  • fear of losing control
  • sweating and shaking
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Chest pain
  • dry mouth and many more

What is an Anxiety attack?

The term anxiety attack is used to define extended and intense periods of anxiety. An anxiety attack is much lower than just having anxiety. But it is not as severe as panic attacks. Some studies state that anxiety attacks are more common among people whose stress may interrupt their lives.

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Common causes of an anxiety attack

We cannot define the exact cause of anxiety. But several factors may trigger your anxiety, including an anxiety disorder, response to a situation, and the perceived threat.

Some people feel anxious due to an unknown threat, just like walking alone in a dark street at night and feeling anxious. In this situation, having an anxiety attack is not due to specific danger but the possibility of something terrible happening.

Possible symptoms of an anxiety attack

  • trembling
  • trouble in sleeping
  • excessive sweating
  • feeling tired
  • rapid breathing
  • difficulty to control worry

What is the difference between panic attack and anxiety attacks?

Many people, including health professionals, use the terms anxiety attack and panic attack interchangeably. They may share the same symptoms but are not the same. Although the most significant between these two is that panic attack is a defined medical condition and an anxiety attack is a term widely used by people suffering from an anxiety disorder to describe their revolutionary period of anxiety.

Some other differences between an anxiety attack and a panic attack may include:

  • Panic attacks involve a sense of detachment and unreality, but anxiety attacks may vary from mild to severe.
  • Panic attacks are disruptive and intense, and sometimes symptoms are worse than anxiety.
  • panic attacks typically occur for a few minutes, but anxiety attacks can persist for long-term
  • Sometimes panic attacks occur without any trigger, but anxiety attacks usually happen in response to perceived stress or threat.
  • Panic attacks occur suddenly, whereas anxiety attacks get more intense after a few hours or days.

How to treat panic and anxiety disorder?

Several medical and non-medical treatments can help you reduce the intense symptoms of panic attacks and anxiety and improve your daily life functioning. Treatment depends upon your history, preferences, and severity of the disorder.

Non-medical treatment 

Psychotherapy is one of the most recommended non-medical therapy to treat disorders. Talk therapy is considered the most effective primary choice treatment for panic disorder and panic attacks.

It helps you understand anxiety and panic attacks and teaches you how to cope with them. CBT, a form of psychotherapy, allows you to learn about your own experience and that these attacks are not dangerous.

Your therapist will teach you how to re-create these attacks’ symptoms safely. Once your spells do not feel threatening, it begins to resolve. Sometimes successful treatment helps you overcome the fear you avoid because of panic attacks.

Medical treatment

Doctors usually recommend some medication with a combination of psychological treatments that make your recovery fast and effective. Medication helps to reduce the symptoms associated with attacks. Certain types of drugs are available that are shown effective in managing the symptoms of strokes.

Doctors usually recommend buying alprazolam online for treating mild to severe anxiety symptoms. But there are several medicines available that can treat your symptoms that include

Selective Serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and Serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIS)

It is a safe and low risk of side effects medications. SSRIs are antidepressant that is recommended as the first-choice treatment for treating the attacks. They are the approved drugs from FDA for treating panic disorders that include paroxetine (Paxil), sertraline (Zoloft), and fluoxetine (Prozac).

SNRIs are another class of antidepressants that the FDA approves for treating panic disorder.


It is a sedative that acts as a central nervous stimulant. Benzodiazepines are approved by FDA includes clonazepam (Klonopin) and Aplrazolam (Xanax). These are addictive drugs, so use them for the short term only.

Alprazolam: the most recommended drug to treat anxiety

Alprazolam comes from the benzodiazepines family of drugs, also called benzos. Since alprazolam is a benzodiazepine, it is famous for its calming effect on the human brain. It is the most prescribed drug across the United States. Most commonly, it is used to treat the range of anxiety and panic disorder. It works to enhance the effects of GABA, a natural chemical in the brain.

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Alprazolam is mainly used for short-duration treatment to manage panic and anxiety disorder.

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