Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We are a legitimate dealer of all the FDA-approved and scheduled drugs that work with complete and total transparency and provide you with the best quality medicine at an affordable rate.

Our main objective is to satisfy our customers instead of earning hefty profits. Therefore, we always keep you updated to give you more satisfying experiences while dealing with us. Generic medicine always tries best to satisfy our customers with our ethical working style, and it includes:

Timely delivery

On-time delivery of the orders is our first and foremost step towards customer satisfaction. With thousands of our works and shipping partners, we are working our best to provide you with timely delivery of your medicine.


Satisfied customers matter to us more; therefore, we work to provide our customers with all the controlled, scheduled, and FDA-approved medicine at the minimum possible rate. For that, we give our customers heavy discounts, the best deals, and exciting offers.

Product quality

We care for your life, and therefore maintaining the quality of medicines we sell is a priority for us. We always work hard to deliver our customers the best quality of medicine at an affordable rate.

Different payment gateways

We try to keep things easy for you, and to make things more convenient for you; we provide different payment options. You can pay us digitally (debit cards, credit cards, net banking), or you can simply pay us when you receive your medicine (cash on delivery).

Although in these challenging times of COVID-19, we advise you to pay us digitally to promote online contactless transactions.

Work ethics

Being certified a certified dealer of all types of drugs, we generic medicine have an ethical and legitimate working style. We work transparently, and the satisfaction of our customers is a priority for us.

Customer support

To resolve our customers’ queries, we also provide our customer care support, where thousands of customer care executives are working and dealing with customers’ questions.

Customer feedback

The last and important step in any deal is the feedback of the customers. You can give us your feedback by rating us on our page or writing honest reviews.

Your feedback is important as we try to work according to that, which helps us improve.